Monday 8 December 2008

Minister lets new election date slip?

When Cassius watched the UK news last night upon his return from a particularly good dinner party he was unsurprised to hear a female Labour minister smearing the conservatives over the latest twist in the Greengate affair.

What he was surprised to hear - among the endless charges laid at the door of Dominic Grieve was that this was inappropriate behaviour for a man who intended to be Home Secretary:-

"In a year or so"

Somewhere on the curve from deflation to hyper-inflation, with the money presses rolling at full pelt, there is a moment when the figures all look as though they are on target. 5% inflation becomes 2% inflation, but the public can't see that the money is all freshly printed because (as Guido rightly points out) they have slipped a clause into the banking bill to hide it. Unemployment is bad, but not as bad as it will become.

Are Labour going to sell us a 2009 Green shoots election?


Anonymous said...

Not a slip, just someone bragging. Brown makes up his mind, if at all, at the last minute.

Elby the Beserk said...

Nope, Anon - Mandy will tell Brown when to go to the country.