Sunday 7 December 2008

The 2008 Parliamentary Honour Roll

Anybody who believes that the Green affair is a "fuss about nothing" has a short memory or little reading. Throughout history great men in Parliament have been prepared to rise above party lines and stand up for their beliefs and for our freedoms. Both Gladstone and Churchill crossed the house - Churchill twice! For men and women of honour - Parliament and the democracy it protects have always stood above the narrow and temporary interests of the parties which occupy it.

One unintended consequence of the Green affair is that individual Parliamentarians, and the essence of their relationship with us is once more at issue. In the last few days, and over the coming weeks we will have the opportunity to mark out those men and women of honour on all sides who will command our respect - whatever the outcome of the vitriolic election which looms ahead. Some who, in my opinion, have already done so - appear below. I hope that tomorrow's debate in the House and your suggestions in the comments will produce many more.


Tony Benn - a man who made personal sacrifices for Parliament, being true to form
John Reid - been in Jacqui Smith's position - but not prepared to be a hypocrite
Harriett Harman - hardly above politicking, but not prepared to follow a line blindly
Bob Marshall-Andrews - unlikely to be forgotten as the first to stand up for Parliament

Liberal Democrat:

The Lib Dem Front bench
Chris Huhne - for his transparent and sincere anger


Doug Carswell - for being prepared to speak out in advance of the party line


Anonymous said...

Harman is just working the first steps of a very carefully planned leadership campaign. Unlike others, she is quite keen to be the face of Labour in opposition.

Anonymous said...

Sir Nicholas Winterton, conservative.

pointed out that this is the most important thing the house has to debate.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Also John Redwood who made a strong attack towards the end of the QSDebate. On the Labour benches, David Winnick has beeen outstanding. FWIW I agree with the earlier comment re Harman - she's just a chancer.

Anonymous said...

i agree on redwood. he has spoken outu and maintained distance from the tories.

Anonymous said...

Whatver geoff hoon might be, Sir Malcolm Rifkind is not.

put him on the list.

Anonymous said...

Can we have a list of villains as well in which case add Margaret Beckett who was blethering about the police being under pressure today. What rot!

Anonymous said...

David Winnick was outstanding and had no barbed party political point in what he was saying unlike Reid. I was very impressed with Winnick which is rare for me to admit about the curent labour mob in parliament.