Wednesday 22 October 2008

Pressure grows on sub-editors as story fails to develop

The Times is beginning to look faintly ridiculous in it's attempts to make a crisis out of Nat Rothschild's tantrum.

Under the front page headline Pressure grows on Osborne as questions mount over Deripaska claim it fails to produce, by way of example, one single new question which has arisen today over the issue. The article does, however, reveal shocking news from the Tory 'grass roots' - in the form of a single councillor from Angus - who is sufficiently upset with the party which he represents to tell the world that Osborne should resign if things have not improved by Friday.

Which is ironic, considering that The Times is still suppressing the only known evidence which hasn't yet been published - the three changing versions of the Rothschild letter, including the first example - only briefly published on times online on Monday before being withdrawn.

Perhaps it's journalists are too busy - according to Guido - conducting leading telephone polls in a desperate attempt to undermine Osborne.

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