Thursday 23 October 2008

The Hedgie doth protest too much...

As nothing further of any significance emerges in the "Yachtgate" scandal, one is tempted to wonder why Nat Rothschild continues (through unamed friends) to issue stark warnings to Osborne to keep his mouth shut.

And wiser minds can't help wondering why such a big fuss is being made over a paltry fifty thousand donation which didn't actually happen, and which - had it happened - might have had all of the appearance of being facilitated by Rothschild himself.

To Gordon Brown it is "a very serious matter" requiring examination by "the authorities" (although he has yet to create the authority in question - watch this space). The newspapers are positively falling over themselves to keep the story alive, as long as doing so doesn't involve publishing new information which might help to clear Osborne in the public mind at least.

In this financial climate I suspect that most British people feel that a recently elevated Cabinet Minister who stayed on a Yacht two months ago but can't remember doing so, and a hedge fund tycoon who - according to his friends - feels he holds sway over the composition of the Shadow Cabinet, combined with a state broadcaster which has abandoned all pretence of impartiality might between them contain the seeds of a story far more interesting than who said what to whom before the donation was turned away.

Interestingly, over at the Spectator Melissa Kite looks like she might have the beginning of it.

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Anonymous said...

Having stumbled across your blog, your insightfullness leaves me breathless. You are definitely one to watch. And I will.