Tuesday 19 May 2009

A simple challenge for political bloggers

The Electorate are angry. The individual MP's they have elected have in many cases acted dishonestly, and in many more cases acted greedily. Whilst the system may have significant shortcomings - it is the users of the system who are to blame in the first instance.

The obvious answer to restoring trust in Parliament is to elect a new one, now. No matter how much that hurts our party leaders and their followers on all sides. Punishment by the electorate will be all the more effective for being immediate.

Listen to any phone-in and you will see that to many of the public this is so so obvious it barely requires discussion. For a party leader to deny the people their democratic right to sanction those they have placed in a position of trust seems, to me, sinister. A delay - even of a few weeks - implies that they "they know better", that the honesty of politicians takes second place to political ambition. To greed and shamelessness, they are adding unforgivabale arrogance.

So why - when the political blogosphere is finally gaining traction - do we not hear a universal call to go at once to the country? Is the blogosphere really the voice of the people, or is it the voice of a few political wannabe's who - like the politicians they write about - think themslves a better judge of what is good for the electorate than the people themselves. Is the will of the public relevant to these commentators only when it fits their party lines, or are they truly democractic.

So far - with a few notable exceptions - we have seen few blogs take up the campaign for an immediate election. They need not have waited for Cameron, but having done so, his intervention is no excuse for them to keep their counsel.

Bloggers - should Parliament be dissolved, immediately? And - if not - in God's name why?

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